UK intelligence could be used for unlawful drone strikes, warns Amnesty

The 86-page report, Deadly Assistance: The Role of European States in US Drone Strikes, is to be presented on Monday as a contribution to an inquiry by the all-party parliamentary group on drones. Amnesty says: “Four RAF bases in Yorkshire … Full story

Chinese military drone maker eyes civilian market

One of China’s leading drone makers is developing unarmed versions of its military drones in order to enter an expected larger … and safer flights in hazardous or inaccessible areas as they are unmanned models, Shi added. China Academy of Aerospace … Full story

New Joint Effort Boosts Drone Standards For Public Safety Officials

Two of the world’s leading safety-standards developers are joining forces to help the growing number of public safety professionals who want to use drones also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS … in public safety and drone technology. Full story

Xcel Energy announces a new milestone for drone technology

US: Xcel Energy, a leader in using drone … operate drones beyond visual line of the operator’s sight within a designated area approximately 20 miles north of Denver International Airport. Licensed pilots will remotely operate a small, unmanned … Full story

Drone Near Misses in Germany Increased Less Than Expected Last Year

A new study by the U.K. Airprox Board suggests that near-collisions between airplanes and drones have increased at an alarming rate. The federal agency recently updated its projected numbers of commercial and recreational drone estimates and its results … Full story

Drone users abuse forbidden airspace

The use of drones is outlawed at national parks nationwide — and has been since 2014. But the dropping price and improving technology of what are officially known as unmanned aircraft … When park officials spot a drone in flight, they call law … Full story

Drone Command Live Lands in Atlanta to Teach People How Create and Run a Successful Drone Business

“Training, certification and professional organizations like the Sky Eye Network will be essential as drones become a more natural part of our lives,” says Darnall. Damon Darnall, aka the Drone Boss, is the founder of Sky Eye Inc. The Drone Boss has … Full story

Drone Photography Tutorial: How to Take Killer Photos

These days, it seems like if you aren’t using drones for photography that you’re a bit behind … and getting up above it all with a drone is certainly a way to do that! But taking photos with a drone can be a little intimidating, even if you’re an … Full story

Drone incidents rise less than expected in Germany in 2017

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Incidents involving drones and commercial aircraft rose last year in Germany though less than expected given the popularity of the devices, air traffic authorities said on Wednesday. An increase in near collisions by unmanned aircraft … Full story

WATCH: 300-UAV Drone Swarm Wows Jerusalem's Independence Day Festivities

The drones, dubbed “Shooting Stars,” are extremely light and weigh some 330 grams each. They are flown in a synchronized way via special technology that enables a single drone operator to maneuver a slew of them at a time. Full story