Not Just a Gimmick: Netanyahu's Drone Stunt Is a Direct Threat to Iran and Assad

The conference attendees are familiar enough with the Middle East to know that not only is Israel considered a leading world power in drone development and use, but that according to foreign reports, Israeli drones have been flying in neighboring countries … Full story

Drone video from scene of pigeon shoot at Ehrhardt, S.C.

and Last Chance for Animals (LCA) about a pigeon shoot on Saturday, February 10, 2018, at the Broxton Bridge Plantation in Ehrhardt, S.C. The groups have filed a complaint alleging their drones were shot down by rifle fire. Full story

High-flying talent: Stunning 90-degree drone photographs show Dubai's towering architecture in all its glory

The 34-year-old used a drone to capture the images as a part of a project called … The world looks different from above, and that’s what’s special about it. ‘Drones are still emerging in the world and governments are struggling to control their use. Full story

Drone operator convicted for grounding fire fighting helicopters

“You deliberately flew a drone in an area where you knew that there was fire and you knew there were very serious airborne attempts to put out that fire. The purpose of you flying that drone was to take personal photographs. “Fifty metres is not a long … Full story

This Could Be The First Drone-Caused Aircraft Crash In The US

A recent crash might be the first case that proves that drones are in fact hazards for larger flying … crash landing in South Carolina that may have been caused by a civilian drone, according to a report from Bloomberg. The crash on Wednesday afternoon … Full story

Drone strike kills 8 militants, destroys Taliban drug factory in W. Afghanistan

KABUL, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) — An unmanned plane has targeted a drug lab of Taliban in … “Eight Taliban militants were killed and their drug factory was destroyed after the Coalition Forces Drone raided Ashkam village in Bakwah District of the western … Full story

US drone strike kills 7 ISIS militants in Kunar province

At least seven militants affiliated with the Islamic State terror group were killed in US drone strike in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan. According to the local security officials, the latest drone strike was carried out in the vicinity of Chapara … Full story

US charges three with exporting drone parts to Hezbollah

It says the equipment included electronics that can be used in drone guidance systems, a jet engine and 20 piston engines that can be used in drones, and a pair of digital video recording binoculars. The parts included inertial measurement units (IMU … Full story


A drone operated by Lowland Search and Rescue has been deployed … Specialist search advisors, dog units and drones have been brought over from the mainland. Police are keen to hear from anyone, such as dog walkers, who may have seen Joanna in the area … Full story

Spate of drone collisions, close calls underscore growing risks

In the U.S., drones are typically restricted to flights within 400 feet of the ground and within sight of the operator. They also are supposed to stay clear of traditional aircraft. But in the thousands of FAA reports of possible drone safety incidents … Full story