Drone memos deal leads to CIA nominee approval in Senate

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted Tuesday to approve President Barack Obama’s pick to lead the CIA after winning a behind-the-scenes battle with the White House over access to a series of top-secret legal opinions that justify the use of lethal drone strikes against terror suspects, including American citizens. Full story

The political genius of Rand Paul's drone filibuster

Like Willie Nelson, Kentucky’s junior senator has united peaceniks and warmongers, and plenty in between Full story

Cruz, Paul want drone language in CR

The Cruz-Paul bill would serve as the framework for an amendment to the continuing resolution. Full story

Rand Paul ends Senate filibuster over drone concerns after 13 hours

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly 13 hours after he started, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., ended a dramatic, old-fashioned filibuster early Thursday… Full story

Obama Is on the Wrong Side of History — and Rand Paul — on Drone Warfare

If it wasn’t bizarre enough to hear Shakespeare, Patton, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa quoted on the Senate floor this morning, Sen. Rand Paul’s nearly 13-hour old-school filibuster on drone warfare exposed this jarring irony: A constitutional scholar who rode his antiwar views to the White House stands defiantly to the right of the GOP — ...

Why Rand Paul's filibuster was a publicity stunt — and a wasted opportunity

The senator’s talkathon failed to make the White House come clean about drone strikes Full story

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