Video: White House: No drone strikes on Americans in U.S.

Responding to Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster concerns, Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama swore to uphold the Constitution and would not use drone strikes on Americans on American soil. Full story

FAA investigating report of drone spotted near NYC

An Alitalia pilot told authorities a small drone flew within 200 feet of his aircraft about three miles from Kennedy Airport. Full story

'The Nintendo Medal'? New Military Award for Drone Pilots Draws Hill Protest

The Pentagon’s newest military honor, symbolized by a two-inch bronze medallion, has sparked fierce debate over the nation’s growing corps of drone pilots and cyberwarriors and how to commend their service, which happens far from an actual battlefield. The Distinguished Warfare Medal, approved by Defense… Full story

Senate confirms John Brennan as new CIA director

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Senate on Thursday confirmed John Brennan as the Obama administration’s next Central Intelligence Agency director, overcoming concerns expressed by Republicans and some Democrats about the administration’s use of lethal drone strikes. After the administration clarified its drone policy, Republican Senators allowed the Senate to vote on Brennan’s confirmation, which he … ...

Fashion Statement: Designer Creates Line of Drone-Proof Garments to Protect Privacy

As the U.S. government draws up plans to use surveillance drones in domestic airspace, opposition to what many consider an unwarranted and significant invasion of privacy is mounting across the country, from rural Virginia to techopolis Seattle. Although officials debate anti-drone legislation at federal, state and local levels, one man is fighting back with high-tech ...

Brown opposes use of drone strikes against citizens

Springfield — Following a 13-hour filibuster on the U.S. Senate floor Wednesday by Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), State Representative Adam Brown (R-Champaign) filed a resolution Thursday opposing th Full story

Sen. Paul brings needed drone debate to the fore: Opinion

When Sen. Paul Rand filibustered John Brennan’s nomination to be the new director of the CIA for 13 hours the Wednesday (and night), it was more than just great political theater. Full story

Drone reported over JFK Airport

A pilot with Alitalia called into air traffic control around 1:15 Monday afternoon while on final approach to Kennedy. Full story

Senators Drone On About Barbarella

Actress and activist Jane Fonda hasn’t tweeted in several days. Full story

Rand Paul conducts filibuster in opposition to John Brennan, Obama’s drone policy

One of the oldest and most storied traditions of the Senate made a sudden return to Capitol Hill on Wednesday when a junior senator seized control of the chamber with an hours-long ­filibuster involving rambling speeches aimed at blocking a vote on President Obama’s choice to lead the CIA. Read full article >> Full story