The Wall Street Journal Slams Rand Paul's 'Drone Rant' With A Brutal Editorial: 'Calm Down, Senator'

The Journal blasted Paul for not understanding the laws of war, writing that Paul’s reasoning for questioning the U.S.’s policies on drone strikes did not match his “showmanship.” Full story

Pilot reports mystery black ‘drone’ at JFK

The pilot of a commercial jetliner spotted a drone aircraft hovering near his plane as he landed at JFK Airport yesterday, according to sources. The Joint Terror Task Force is now probing the sighting of the mysterious flying object, the sources said. The Alitalia pilot spotted the unmanned craft — described… Full story

Defense Dept. Directed To Disclose Domestic Drone Use

An anonymous reader writes “The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to make the Pentagon disclose whether military drones are being used in U.S. airspace to spy on U.S. citizens. This follows Rand Paul’s filibuster on the floor of the Senate in which he demanded answers from the Obama administration as to whether drone strikes ...

CAIR Welcomes Sen. Paul's Stance on Drone Killings, Acknowledges Holder's Clarification

WASHINGTON, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today welcomed Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) efforts to obtain clarification as to whether the Obama administration believes… Full story

Did Rand Paul fear-monger in filibuster?

Did Rand Paul in his filibuster this week mischaracterize administration policy on drone strikes, willfully or otherwise? That’s a question raising lots of expert discussion in Washington and the national-security blogosphere at the moment. Full story

Hey, New York: Don't Call It a Drone

The FAA and FBI are investigating a report from a pilot who reported seeing a small “drone” over New York City. But the conflation, as even the Senate remains shrouded in secrecy, of every unmanned aircraft into the single term “drone” isn’t just inaccurate — it’s dangerous. Full story

Public gets an up-close look at Global Hawk drone, U2 spy plane

The oldest flying organization in the U.S. Air Force is celebrating its centennial this year and used a tarmac at Beale Air Force Base to give the public a rare, up-close glimpse at its U2 spy plane and the Global Hawk, an unmanned drone. View photos. Full story

Peter Feaver, Charles Dunlap comment: Obama faces bipartisan heat over drones amid big-brother concern

The struggle between President Barack Obama and Congress over the administration’s secretive drone program has focused growing bipartisan concern on the reach of government power both at home and abroad. Full story

The Obama Administration Hasn't Ruled Out Drone Attacks on US Soil

A strange thing happened on Tuesday. Just a few hours after an airline pilot spotted an unidentified “drone” hovering a few miles from JFK airport, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that drones strikes on United States soil were not out of the question. Coincidence? We think so. Full story

Could drone strikes on U.S. citizens at home be a reality?

A letter from Attorney General Eric Holder sheds light on this possibility. Full story