Former Google drone engineers develop self-flying AI-enabled drone for aerial photography

US: A start-up founded by former Google drone engineers … about the UAV is that it doesn’t require any sort of piloting or camera skills. The report quotes Bry saying, “This technology is like what’s being used in autonomous vehicles, in many … Full story

PRESS: Vodafone To Trial Drone Traffic Control System In Global First

The FT said Vodafone hopes to make the drone tracking and safety technology available for commercial use in 2019. The system, the newspaper said, will not be used to track and monitor consumer drones but the larger ones being developed for commercial use. Full story

Vodafone launching new drone safety technology trials

It said commercial civilian drones were … the pace of drone safety and geolocation innovation worldwide, the board added. In a preliminary trial in late 2017, Vodafone used its 4G network to control a 1.3 metre wingspan, 2 kilogram X-UAV drone. Full story

Vodafone Plans to Launch Drone-Tracking and Control Technology in 2019

Vodafone Group PLC (VOD.LN) said Tuesday that it plans to launch a new drone-tracking and control technology in 2019, to monitor the flights of drones and if necessary take control of the unmanned aircraft to prevent criminal activity. The U.K … Full story

Vodafone to protect the skies with trials of the first IoT drone tracking and safety technology

Commercial civilian drones … pace of drone safety and geolocation innovation worldwide. In a preliminary trial in late 2017 – the first of its kind in the world – Vodafone used its 4G network to control a 1.3 metre wingspan, 2 kilogram X-UAV drone. Full story

Life ban for drone-flying visitor in the KNP

When the officials also asked why he was flying the drone in the park, his explanation was that he was trying to get wildlife visuals. Phaahla once again warned individuals against flying unmanned aerial vehicles, such as drones, in the KNP after the incident. Full story

Japanese drone service provider Terra taps Indian market

NEW DELHI – Tokyo-based drone service and solution provider Terra Drone Corp. will launch operations in India this year to apply unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) tech within the … Terra Drone India will develop drones, supply materials and create related … Full story

Drone Operations – Find Out Where The Market Is Going

gives a unique view of the drone industry as it is today and as it is anticipated to be the near term (1-2 years). It refines the high-level forecasts and analyses of the UAS sector that have been produced up to now, making it easier to understand the key … Full story

‘Pitching’ Drone Technologies A Big Part Of UAS Tech Forum

Kurt Rouser said he didn’t exactly know what to expect when he first walked on stage last August during the UAS Tech Forum to pitch his new technology in unmanned aerial systems … businesses involved in the UAS or drone industry. Our staff works … Full story

Holding Iran drone part, Netanyahu challenges: Do not test Israel's resolve

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, brandished a piece of the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle that … that it sent a drone into our airspace to threaten our people,” Netanyahu said, pulling … Full story