Istanbul Technical University wins IMechE drone challenge

Team Hedef from Istanbul Technical University has taken top prize at the 2018 UAS Challenge drone … jet engine for their drone, the first time a jet engine had been seen in the competition. Last year’s winners, Team Bath Drones, received the Innovation … Full story

The Drone We Use and Love

For this reason, flying a drone is a bit, well, embarrassing in certain settings. It can feel a little disruptive, so just be aware of your surroundings. There are also some areas that do not allow drones, so for sure check into that if you don’t know. Full story

Kiewit: Drone inspections reduce safety risk, labor

In a recent case study, construction firm Kiewit Corp. found that using unmanned … a UAV equipped with a collision-tolerant cage, high-definition camera and onboard LED lighting to inspect a concrete product storage silo, for example. The drone was … Full story

Eastpoint fire drone footage, aerial photos display degree of devastation

Eastpoint fire drone footage, aerial photos display degree of devastation Eastpoint fire drone footage, aerial photos display degree of devastation Check out this story on … Full story

Eurocontrol predict 100 drone flights a day by 2040

There will be many more unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or ‘drones’ by 2040. Most of these will operate outside current controlled airspace, but this will put pressure to cede parts of current controlled airspace. They are talking about RPA flights in … Full story

Watch the US Geological Survey's Drone Footage of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Crater

The United States Geological Survey launched an unmanned aerial vehicle over … At times, the footage captured by a yet unspecified drone seems like something otherworldly, as if the USGS managed to fly this UAV to Mars and beam back high-definition … Full story

Facebook grounds laser internet drone plans, shutting down its United Kingdom plant

including the design and construction of new high-altitude aircraft”. The Aquila drone was part of the company’s initiative to spread access to the billions of people around the world who still don’t have online capabilities, which had been a … Full story

Intel Celebrates Pride Month With 300-Drone Light Show

For Intel, which has been recognized by the Guinness World Records for its synchronized drone light shows and recently provided TIME magazine with a singular drone-captured cover, the UAV-centric approach … Shooting Star drones that illustrated Pride … Full story

Illicit drone flights surge along U.S.-Mexico border as …

Smugglers are using video cameras and small drones to spot vulnerabilities along the U.S.-Mexico border, and the Department of Homeland Security is struggling to stop … Full story

Border Patrol: Drug Smugglers Increasing Use of Drones to …

Drug smugglers are increasingly using drones to spot vulnerabilities along the U.S.-Mexico border and to transport drugs into the U.S., according to U.S … Full story