Rand Paul Talked About Drones More in One Day Than Congress Ever Has

During the first seven hours of his filibuster yesterday, Rand Paul used the word “drone” in a military context more than any two-year Congressional term in history — and more than it had been used in the Congressional Record prior to the 112th Congress, combined. Full story

OUR OPINION: U.S. denies role in two drone strikes

When the fog of possible disinformation dissipates, it may become clear that Pakistan and likely other nations are developing a sophisticated drone capacity. Full story

Holder: No authority for drone strikes on non-combatant Americans

Attorney General Eric Holder has sent Sen. Rand Paul a letter expressly saying that the president does not have the authority to use drones to kill American on U.S. soil who are not enemy combatants. White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at 1:15 pm. that Mr. Holder’s letter to … Full story

Rand Paul Filibusters Obama's CIA Appointment "Mr. Smith"-Style, Citing Drone Policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican critic of the Obama administration’s drone policy succeeded Wednesday in blocking a vote on John Brennan’s nomination to be CIA director over questions about the possible use of the unmanned weapons against American citizens. Full story

Senate Confirms John Brennan as CIA Director

Senator Rand Paul’s nearly thirteen hour filibuster may have started a conversation about U.S. drone policy, but it didn’t stop John Brennan from becoming CIA Director. Senators voted to 63 – 34 to elevate President Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser at the White House to lead… Full story

Was a Drone Flying Over Brooklyn Yesterday? [UPDATE: The FBI Is On The Case]

# drones The idea of drones over New York City have inspired art projects and a rap song . Now they may be a reality too. The FAA is investigating a report from an Alitalia passenger jet of a drone spotting over Brooklyn, as he approached JFK airport in Queens. “We saw a drone, ad ...

Why Americans—and everyone else—will want drones in the skies

When Jimmy Lee Dykes held a 5-year-old captive in an Alabama bunker, a drone was monitoring from overhead. The 65-year-old had snatched the child from a school bus after killing the driver. As the hostage … Full story

AeroVironment: Drone Maker's Shares Hit The Wall On Q3 Miss

AeroVironment shares have nose-dived Wednesday morning after the maker of military drones posted results for the fiscal third quarter ended January 26 came in well short of Street estimates. Full story

Rand Paul Filibuster: Democrats Absent From Drone Rambling, But Might Not Be Sleeping

Lawmakers in Congress got temporary relief on Wednesday from the never-ending domestic fiscal crises when Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, mounted an old-school filibuster that lasted almost 13 hours, delaying the confirmation of CIA veteran John Brennan, whom President Barack Obama nominated to lead the spy agency. Full story

VIDEO: Sen. Wyden Vows to Declassify Information About Drone Warfare

Sen. Ron Wyden has been at the forefront of efforts to get information on the Obama administration’s controversial drone program. Full story