10 things you need to know today: March 14, 2013

Pope Francis gets to work, Obama takes his charm offensive to Capitol Hill, and more in our roundup of the stories that are making news and driving opinion Full story

Pentagon: US surveillance drone approached by Iranian jet

An unmanned, unarmed U.S. surveillance drone was approached by an Iranian F-4 fighter jet on Tuesday, the Pentagon disclosed Thursday. The Iranian jet got as close as 16 miles. Full story

Republicans Headed for a 2012 Replay? The Edge — Brought to you by CIT

IN THE NEWS: Obama pleads case to Republicans for more revenue … Senate GOP challenges honesty of Democrats’ budget … Government-funding bill could come to vote … Assault-weapons ban passes Senate panel … Allen West is at it again … Eye-opening theme music at CPACTHE TAKE Full story

Pentagon: Iranian Plane Pursued US Spy Drone

Pentagon: Iranian plane pursued US drone, then broke away after US verbal warning Full story

Henry Kissinger would rather not discuss drones at this nice party

“I support the drone program. . . This is not an appropriate place for this.” Read full article >> Full story

7 grammar rules you really should pay attention to

Semicolons should be used rarely, if at all. And beware dangling modifiers! Full story

Rand Paul at CPAC: The GOP Has Grown Stale

Kentucky Senator and marathon filibusterer Rand Paul brought his invigorated libertarian stump speech to an enraptured audience (and Metallica) at CPAC on Thursday, inveighing that the GOP needs to change by returning to the classical principles spelled out in the country’s constitution. “The Republican Party has to change,” he told the largely conservative crowd, a statement which ...

Iran fighter jet chased US spy drone, pentagon says

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CNN's GUT CHECK for March 14, 2013

CNN’s GUT CHECK | for March 13, 2013 | 5 p.m. – n. a pause to assess the state, progress or condition of the political news cycle OBAMA ON THE HILL – DAY THREE: President Barack Obama went to Capitol Hill for the third straight day on Thursday, where he met with both Senate Republicans ...

Rand Paul: GOP 'stale and moss-covered'

OXON HILL, Md. — Rand Paul had tough words for his own party, describing it as “stale and moss covered” before conservatives at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Full story