Prosecutors: Beavers lied about campaign money

A prosecutor told jurors at an influential Chicago Democrat’s tax evasion trial Thursday that he spent thousands from his campaign coffers at a casino, falsely declaring he’d spent it on campaign signs. Full story

Drone Bill Passes House Committee

Legislation to ban police from using drones to spy on citizens is gaining support in the state legislature. Full story

Ryan's Blurred Vision: What the 'New' Republican Budget Reveals (and Conceals)

Someone needs to tell Paul Ryan that his party — and the economic platform of austerity and plutocracy he crafted for it — lost a national election last year. Someone also needs to tell the Wisconsin Republican that he still chairs the House Budget Committee mainly thanks to gerrymandered redistricting. Full story

Ellison lauds Paul's drone filibuster

The Democratic lawmaker says “if it was a stunt, it was a good stunt.” Full story

U.S. Drone Over Persian Gulf Pursued by Iranian Jet

A U.S. military drone operating over international waters in the Persian Gulf was pursued by an Iranian military aircraft on March 12, according to the Pentagon. Full story

Israel welcomes new pope as friend of the Jews

Israeli leaders are welcoming the selection of Pope Francis and calling him a friend of the Jewish people. Full story

The Inconvenient Truth of Healthy Living

Once upon a time, not so long ago, people ate out for a reason. Maybe it was in celebration of an anniversary, a birthday or a promotion. Maybe it was out of necessity to seal the deal with an important prospective client. Or maybe it was the understandable consequence of travel. But one thing’s for ...

Testimony resumes in Haiti's 'Baby Doc' case

Testimony in the high-profile case of former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier resumed Thursday, with another alleged victim describing abuses she says were committed under his rule. Full story

CPAC 2013: Rand Paul says GOP of old 'has grown stale and moss-covered'

Sen. Rand Paul, dismissive of a Republican Party he called “stale and moss-covered,” delivered a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday that was part policy blueprint and part vigorous defense of the Constitution — taking up right where he left off after his recent filibuster on the floor … Full story

Witnesses: Church torched in eastern Libya

Witnesses say that unidentified assailants torched a church used by Egyptian Christians in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi on Thursday, a week after scores of Christians were detained and reportedly abused by militias… Full story