Drone Strikes: Ted Cruz Repeatedly Questions Holder On Hypothetical Use Of Drones In US

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-W.V., isn’t the only lawmaker concerned about Attorney General Eric Holder’s admission that drone strikes could occur within the United States. Full story

Utah Sen. Lee wants to see memos on drone attacks on Americans

Utah Sen. Lee wants to see memos on drone attacks on Americans by Matt Canham The Salt Lake Tribune Published Mar 6, 2013 03:50PM MDT Washington • Sen. Mike Lee pressed Attorney General Eric Holder for access to secret legal memos on the nation’s drone program, part of a bipartisan effort in the Senate Judiciary ...

Drone medal insult to soldiers: Column

The award implies that drone operators face the same risk presented by ground combat. Full story

Paul: Drone strike during dinner?

He blasts Eric Holder’s announcement that drone strikes could be carried out on U.S. soil. Full story

Mystery drone near JFK airport: FBI seeks public's help in investigation (+video)

A commercial pilot reported seeing a drone loitering near his aircraft as he was preparing to land on Monday. The FAA has tried to go to great lengths to make sure drones do not collide with piloted aircraft. Full story

Obama Administration: Drone Strikes on American Soil ‘Possible’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) came under fire recently when he expressed concern about the American government possibly using drone strikes on U.S. soil. To date the Obama Administration has (sort of) maintained that it only utilizes the practice of targeted, morally questionable killings on foreign targets who cannot legally be brought to justice. Sen. Paul ...

Drone Strikes To Kill US Citizens Are Legal On American Soil Says Eric Holder

Drone strikes to kill US citizens on American soil are legal according to Eric Holder, who represents the Obama administration. US Attorney General Eric Holder sent a letter to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on March 4 in which these stunning admissions were made public. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Senator Rand Paul wants the ...

Eric Holder Answers Drone Question after Paul Filibuster

Sen. Rand Paul declared victory Thursday after Attorney General Eric Holder assured him that the president cannot use a drone to kill a noncombatant American on U.S. soil. Full story

When Is a Drone Really a Drone?

A pilot’s recent spotting of what he called “a drone aircraft” less than 200 feet from his Boeing 777 near John F. Kennedy International Airport has caused quite a stir. But it’s also shed a light on how much drones have become part of the public consciousness The FBI has described the unidentified aircraft as ...

Drone warfare: Jere Van Dyk describes what it is like to find yourself underneath a UAV

Analysis: CBS News’ Jere Van Dyk has twice been somewhere few Americans have – directly underneath a missile-laden U.S. drone Full story