Rand Paul wins the first day of right-wing confab

After his speech extolling limited government, the libertarian senator is blowing Marco Rubio out of the water Full story

Iran Confronts U.S. Drone, Officials say

Iranian military aircraft targeted a U.S. Predator drone over the Persian Gulf this week, administration officials said. Full story

Sen. Rand Paul Calls For New Republican Party

The Republican Party has grown “stale and moss-covered” and needs a fresh direction, said Sen. Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, on Wednesday. Full story

Drone restriction bill tabled

Helicopters flying low over Cherokee County during peak marijuana-growing season are not uncommon sights. In a few short years, though, they may be replaced by small, unmanned aircraft systems, commonly called “drones.” Full story

CPAC: Rand Paul's big moment?

The Kentucky senator and Tea Party hero gets a chance to follow up on his filibuster success with an appearance at conservatives’ prom Full story

Mich. woman wraps up testimony in grandson's death

A 75-year-old Detroit-area woman on trial for killing her grandson stumbled Thursday when a juror asked a key question: Why confront a rebellious teenager with a gun? Full story

Iranian fighter jet approached US drone over international waters, Pentagon says

A Pentagon official says an Iranian fighter jet approached a U.S. surveillance drone aircraft over the Persian Gulf but broke off its pursuit after a U.S. plane escorting the drone discharged a flare to warn the Iranian pilot. Full story

The Jesuits, veterans of tense times with Vatican

While the Vatican has picked the highly disciplined Jesuits as advance men for planning papal pilgrimages and to run its worldwide broadcasting network, the notion of a Jesuit pope is still being absorbed in the Holy See. Full story

Durbin To Hold Hearing on Drone Strikes

Sen. Dick Durbin will chair a hearing entitled “Drone Wars: The Constitutional and Counterterrorism Implications of Targeted Killings.” Full story

US: Islamic extremists move between Nigeria, Mali

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic extremists continue to move freely between Nigeria and northern Mali, despite the ongoing French military operation there against them, the United States ambassador to Nigeria said Thursday. Full story