Drone outrage appropriate – Fri, 08 Mar 2013 PST

You could say that a filibuster occurs when a senator drones on and on. The problem with the U.S. Senate was that there were too few senators speaking about drones this week. President Barack Obama’s controversial nomination of John Brennan as director of the Central Intelligence Agency was held up Wednesday afternoon by a Senate ...

Drone politics, bike taxes and budgets: My OPB Friday politics chat

We covered a lot of ground — from rules on drone attacks to taxes on bicycles — in my regular Friday politics chat on Oregon Public Broadcasting. If you missed it, you can catch it here. Full story

Piers Morgan Praises Rand Paul For Drone Filibuster

Piers Morgan has made his position on gun control quite clear, but his coverage of drone attacks has been somewhat more limited. But following a 13-hour filibuster initiated by Senator Rand Paul, the former America’s Got Talent judge decided to voice his opinion via Twitter. Where does Piers Morgan stand on drone attacks? The CNN ...

Huffington Post Reporter Tells Lawrence O’Donnell President Should Publish Drone Kill List

As we enter day two of the Rand Paul Constitutional Sainthood Movement , drone skeptics on all sides continue to beclown themselves by praising the Kentucky Senator as a “flawed messenger” for drone ocversight, as if none of the garbage that flew out of his face for 13 hours counts as “the message.” Among the ...

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz Introduce Bill To Prevent Drone Killing Of Americans

Republican Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas introduced a bill Thursday that would prevent the use of drones to kill Americans on domestic territory if they do not pose an imminent threat. The measure came hours after Paul conducted on Wednesday a more than 12-hour filibuster of the nomination of John ...

Senate Republicans block vote on Obama's CIA pick

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican critic of the Obama administration’s drone policy mounted a self-described filibuster Wednesday to block Senate confirmation of John Brennan to take over as director of the CIA. Full story

Editorial Board: More oversight and disclosure on drones

AFTER SEN. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) held the Senate hostage Wednesday in order to warn that American citizens could be targeted by drone strikes on U.S. soil, he was rightly taken to task for gross and irresponsible mischaracterizations of the Obama administration’s policy. We’ve got another complaint: Mr. Paul and his followers are distracting attention from ...

McCain, Paul Spar Over Jane Fonda

McCain criticized Rand Paul’s views of U.S. drone policy, saying Paul’s concerns that drones could potentially use military force to kill American citizens who object to the government’s policies are “totally unfounded.” Full story

Rand Paul 'happy' with drone response, ready to allow vote

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday said he would no longer block a vote on the nomination of John Brennan to be CIA director–clearing the way for a final Senate vote as early as this afternoon–now that he’s received an answer from the Obama administration about his question on ...


You can send the drone to check up on your paramour, have it hover outside her bedroom window. Full story