White House discloses limits on drone usage – Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House says President Barack Obama does not have the authority to use a drone to kill a U.S. citizen on American soil if the citizen is not engaged in combat. Full story

Bill requiring drone warrants in Ariz. gets gutted

PHOENIX (AP) — A bill that would have required law enforcement agencies in Arizona to get search warrants before using unmanned aircraft to gather evidence was stripped Thursday of its key provisions and turned into a measure to create a study committee on drone use. Full story

Paul Fires Back After McCain and Graham Attack The Kentucky Senator's Filibuster On Drone Policy

Rand Paul, R-Ky., fired back at John McCain, R-Ariz., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Thursday after the two senators had attacked Paul’s views on the United States’ drone policies, according to a report. Paul criticized McCain and Graham, who had lambasted his filibuster on Wednesday and early Thursday, which in essence was a protest against ...

Arlington gets FAA approval for drone program

ARLINGTON — Arlington police confirmed to News 8 their drone program has been given the okay by the Federal Aviation Administration. Thursday, the FAA approved the department’s waiver to use two remote-controlled helicopters for missions across the city. Previously, the department has only used the drones in a restricted area for practice. The Arlington PD ...

Dems block vote to denounce drone-killing of US citizens on US soil

Sen. Rand Paul just offered to end his filibuster and allow a vote on CIA nominee John Brennan if he could get a vote tomorrow on a non-binding resolution regarding drone killing of US citizens on US soil. But Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin objected to allowing a vote on the resolution. Full story

Obama Faces Bipartisan Pressure on Drone Big Brother Fear

The struggle between President Barack Obama and Congress over the administration’s secretive drone program has focused growing bipartisan concern on the reach of government power both at home and abroad. Full story

Attorney general clarifies policy on drone attacks on U.S. soil

Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday that President Barack Obama would not have the authority to order a drone to kill an American citizen on U.S. soil who was Full story

Cartoon misses mark on Sen. Paul's anti-drone filibuster

Re “Drone over D.C.” (Editorial Cartoon, March 7): Hypocrites! Had the administration of Full story

Drone strikes: 5 questions answered

Drone warfare has long been controversial. It became virtually sensational when the issue of killing Americans on U.S. soil came up. Full story

Monroe City Council OKs $44,000 drone for police department

MONROE, N.C. — Monroe’s City Council has given its police department approval to buy a “mini drone,” a type of military technology whose expanded use around the nation is drawing increased scrutiny from Washington politicians and civil libertarians. The council on Tuesday approved spending $44,000 in drug forfeiture funds to buy a battery-powered mini drone, ...