N. Korea suspected of cyberattack in major S. Korean outage

A cyberattack caused computer networks at major South Korean banks and top TV broadcasters to crash simultaneously Wednesday, paralyzing bank machines across the country and prompting speculation of North Korean involvement. Full story

Little Will Change If the Military Takes Over CIA's Drone Strikes

If the Obama administration decides to give the U.S. military control of the CIA’s drone effort, the institutional changes to the controversial global drone strikes will be minor. Full story

Drones Will Require New Privacy Laws, Senate Told

Privacy laws need to be updated to protect against domestic drone surveillance, Senate told Full story

Privacy laws need to be updated to protect against domestic drone surveillance, Senate told

WASHINGTON – Legal experts say privacy laws urgently need to be updated to protect citizens from information-gathering by the thousands of civilian drones expected to be flying in U.S. skies in the next decade or so. Full story

The CIA Is Losing Its Drone Privileges

With concerns about the transparency of the government’s drone program at an all-time high, the Obama administration is planning to at least change the conversation. Full story

Ore. lawmakers consider domestic drone regulation

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon lawmakers have heard from hobbyists and businesses concerned about a bill to regulate the use of drones by private citizens and law enforcement agencies. Full story

NJ DOT launches push to fill highway potholes

TRENTON — Spring is the time when many potholes form due to temperature fluctuations above and below the freezing mark. Full story

White House to move drone operations out of CIA, centralize at Pentagon

The Obama administration is preparing to transfer the CIA’s lethal drone program to the Defense Department, a senior White House official confirmed Wednesday for FoxNews. Full story

Possible Cyberattack in South Korea

The police were investigating the possibility of a North Korean cyberattack on Wednesday as the South Korean government braced for more possible disruption. Full story

Company to sell anti-drone technology to public

KRISTEN BUTLER, UPI.com Domestic Drone Countermeasures is planning to sell commercial anti-drone “boxes” to protect private citizens from robot-filled skies. Full story