North Korea suspected in major South Korea computer crash

A cyberattack caused computer networks at major South Korean banks and top TV broadcasters to crash simultaneously Wednesday, paralyzing bank machines across the country and prompting speculation of North Korean involvement. Full story

Arnold Palmer Invitational 2013: Tiger Woods won’t even notice Golf Channel’s hovercraft camera contraption

Tiger Woods has been known to pitch a bit of a fit when a spectator’s camera clicks on his backswing. So one can only imagine what mayhem would ensue if Golf Channel’s futuristic camera gizmo that sounds like a swarm of angry bees wafted into view as the world No. 2 addressed his golf ball. ...

North Korea's Kim Jong-un watches nonexistent drones practice destroying enemy

North Korean hereditary dictator Kim Jong-un oversaw attack drills carried out by Pyongyang’s “superprecision drone planes,” according to state media Wednesday. Experts have a caveat to the report: North Korea has no remotely piloted drone aircraft. Mr. Kim, the third generation of his family to lead the crumbling and hermetic … Full story

Clues sought in shooting death of Colorado prisons chief

Law enforcement authorities in Colorado, including the FBI, are searching for physical evidence and any motive connected to the shooting death Tuesday night of Colorado Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements. Full story

Marines re-up with CT Kaman's heavy-lift drone

Kaman Corp.’s K-Max drone heavy-lift helicopter during early testing for the Marines. Full story

How drones teach kids science & math

The orange high-flying craft spotted on an elementary school playground may look like just a toy to parents, but the drone is a new tool that teaches youngsters some pretty sophisticated science and math concepts. Full story

Oregon drone debate: balancing privacy, business and science

Lawmakers heard from drone advocates Wednesday who said Senate Bill 71 could result in a “chilling effect” on a developing industry. Full story

Gas prices drop ahead of spring break travel

Just in time for spring break, drivers are getting a little break at the pump. AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Knoxville is $3.40. Full story

Target of attack

Target of attack Full story

Experts suspect North behind South Korea computer crash

Computers crashed more than seven hours at major South Korean banks and top TV broadcasters Full story