Drone footage of illegal bikers pulling stunts on Coventry industrial estate

Police have released drone footage of illegal off-road bikers running amok … in-the-sky’ will help secure vital evidence against offenders. He added: “The drones give us a great vantage point from about 400ft and, as this footage shows, provides … Full story

Colorado Lawmakers Want to Make It a Felony to Fly a Drone over a Wildfire

According to The Denver Post, several Colorado lawmakers are trying to urge Congress to pass a bill that would make flying unmanned aerial … from unwelcome drones so that they can properly do their jobs. “When an unauthorized drone flies over a … Full story

This summer's top drone deal is $40 today

I started collecting requests for drones this past May. While it took me longer than … Click the play button to watch my amazing drone tests. – Most durable drone in its price range Full story

$100,000 funding opportunity for drone startups by UNICEF

Beyond Seed Investment, the selected start-ups will be allowed exclusive access to use UNICEF’s 6500 square meter, 500 meters above ground level drone corridor, located around Kasungu, Malawi, in addition to access to a network of mentors, drones lead … Full story

Take a look at this stunning drone picture of Alpheton

Mark Turnbull took the stunning shot above his home in Alpheton – he purchased the drone so he can capture unique photographs of Suffolk similar to the sunset. He said: “I only got the drone a few days ago but there will be lots of pictures like it and … Full story

Agricultural drone contest held in China

Wang Jianwei, head of the agricultural machinery administration in Zhejiang, said that the province has 298 registered agricultural drones. “Aerial spraying is safer and more efficient than ground level spraying,” he said, explaining a drone can spray … Full story

Facebook cans Project Aquila drone-WiFi plan based on British technology

Facebook has discontinued its Project Aquila plan to use drones to beam internet connectivity to poorly served parts of the world*. The plan, originally revealed in 2014, was one of a number of ideas… Full story

Global Energy Group in pact with drone inspection firm

Inverness-based Global Energy Group (GEG) said yesterday it had formed a strategic partnership with drone-based inspection company Sky … true efficiencies to our clients in the delivery of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) inspection services to a wide … Full story

Review: In ‘Hover,’ the Drone Tech Isn’t All There

commenting not only on drone strikes but also on agribusiness. In the world of the future, a mass food shortage has led farmers to use drones that maximize their output and protect their property. The company that makes these bots, which are highly … Full story

Company trains drone operators to keep the skies safe

for drone pilots in more than 60 countries. Tom Walker believes his company, DroneUp, can help keep order in the skies while permitting unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, to perform community service. The Chesapeake-based business promotes safety in the … Full story