Four Reasons to Participate in the New York City Drone Film Festival

On Sunday, March 4, the event will move across the Hudson River to the Liberty Science Center for the Day of Drones which will include master classes, drone building, a drone expo, and drone racing. Visit the official website for more information. Full story

Samsung patents 'flying display device' drone

The panel itself isn’t embedded in the body of the unmanned aircraft but is instead attached to it via two hinges and is capable of tilting itself up. Once the user is done inspecting the information presented by the drone’s screen, they can turn their … Full story

Drone Photography in Whale Research

A drone’s-eye-view of a whale is not only beautiful but scientifically insightful. Research teams from whale-rich corners of the planet are clambering to learn how small drones may provide … Hawaii and Rachel also teaches UAV and other classes at … Full story

IARPA Wants Better Tools for Drone Surveillance

The latter is important because of the sheer volume of data the drones can collect … artifacts unique to the operation of the sensor and optics platform on a small UAV.” The challenge is being organized and evaluated by the University of Notre … Full story

Vodafone to police the skies with drone-tracking technology trial

Vodafone today announced a ground-breaking trial to police Britain’s skies and track drone activity. Because drones are too small to be monitored by convention radar they represent a risk to aircraft which cannot spot them. But by using 4G internet of … Full story

Drone tracking technology unveiled in world first

Vodafone has created an air traffic control system for drones that could eliminate airport trespassing … system and have already tested it on a 1.3 metre wingspan, 2 kg X-UAV drone. Throughout the preliminary trial – which took place over a 32km … Full story

Flying taxis? Uber has a competitor in Chinese drone maker Ehang

In Guangzhou earlier this month 40 people, including the deputy mayor of the southern Chinese province, lined up for a taste of the future of transport – an autonomous flying taxi. The Ehang 184 drone flew … s cutting-edge drones are transforming … Full story

Bot and drone misuse could lead to cybercrime explosion

The report warns that computers could be used to mimic people’s voices and hack into personal data, fleets of autonomous vehicles could be hacked into and made to crash, and drones could use face-targeting missiles to locate victims. Once information has … Full story

New Drone Program Launched by Texas Department of Public Safety

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in Austin has launched a new drone … unmanned aerial systems instead of manned counterparts is not only often less costly, but far less dangerous, as it keeps actual people out of harm’s way. “The UAS … Full story

For $2500 You Could Now Murder Anyone You Want Using a Remote Drone

A company called Skydio Is marketing a $2500 consumer autonomous drone that can track the face of someone who has had their image uploaded to the Internet. Given the fact that in 2015 a father and son in Connecticut mounted a pistol to a drone and shot it … Full story