Drone finds 75-year-old man stuck in marshes for a day

A police drone found a 75-year-old man stuck in marshes for almost 24 hours after he went missing on a family walk. Peter Pugh became separated from the group at around 5.10pm on Saturday, and he was found at 2.35pm on Sunday in dense reedbeds at Titchwell … Full story

Global drone simulator software market predicted to grow at 17.2%

The overall industry sales is expected to hit 3 Mn units by the end of 2018, creating immense opportunities for adjacent markets such as drone simulator software. Apart from defense sector, drones are now rapidly gaining pace in commercial and personal … Full story

Robo bomb squads compete to gather evidence after a drone attack

“Welcome to Recon Rally. In this scenario, neighbours have been complaining that something smelly is coming from a nearby house. You’ve been called to the scene. Go.” This is what you’d hear if you were on one of the eight military and civilian … Full story

Israeli Military Drone Patrolling Northern Border Fell in Syria, IDF Says

The drone is a Skylark manufactured by Elbit Systems (known as Rochev Shamayim, or Sky Rider, in the IDF). The IDF uses the relatively small Skylark drones for various tactical intelligence and operational purposes for ground forces units. Full story

Watch – Dramatic moment police drone finds missing pensioner after 24 hour search

However it has since emerged he may not have been found without the help of a £250,000 specialist drone which spotted him from the air. As well as filming footage from the air, the drones have thermal imaging, check for fire hotspots and assist in the … Full story

UNICEF Calls on Drone Companies to Deliver Vaccines to South Pacific Islands

This is where the drones … definition drone footage to users and commercial clients. Indian Researchers and University Students Develop a First-Aid, Rapid Response Drone Students in Chennai have developed a first aid kit-carrying UAV that could bypass … Full story

UK army to 'push limits of innovative warfare' with new drone and vehicle technology

during which he will unveil plans for troops to begin testing prototype drones and unmanned cargo vehicles. The Autonomous Warrior experiment will take place in November in a bid to limit dangers to troops in conflict zones, with new drone technology … Full story

Israeli drone collapses in southern Syria: military

Even though the incident is currently being looked into, there was no concern that classified information could be gleaned from the drone since the systems of the mini unmanned vehicle shut down automatically, the spokesperson added. Full story

Neon Drone Racing Should Be Your New Favourite Hobby

More than 75 pilots took their drones to a crazy-looking neon course to try and battle it out for a prize fund of $10,000 in the XDC Drone League’s latest race- and the highlights look incredible. As soon as this becomes more widely available we’ll be … Full story

MIT researchers build a nano chip that can power a bee-sized drone

The researchers claim the chip can be integrated into nano-drones as small as a fingernail … Switzerland and Italy’s University of Bologna had developed a tiny autonomous drone that used 94 milliwatts of energy. Full story