Drones Whip Through The Sky In Light City’s 2nd Drone Prix

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Don’t be surprised if you hear buzzing overhead at Light City as drones are once again part of the festival. The Drone Prix course is set up on Rash Field, and pilots big and small are getting a chance to compete for real prizes as … Full story

Iranian drone launched from Syria was on attack mission, Israel says

The photo released illustrates how Tehran was capable of delivering surface-to-surface missiles (SSM) and unarmed aerial vehicles (UAV) to Syria. The release of the satellite images was meant to signal to Iran that Israel knows the location of its elite … Full story

Takeaway by drone

The first urban drone delivery system … a former leader of an ongoing Israeli project to land a dishwasher-sized, unmanned spacecraft on the moon. Flytrex does not make the drones. It goes about the tricky business of turning existing drones into … Full story

What Are the Requirements to Shoot Drone Video for Real Estate in the US?

I’ve recently bought a DJI Spark Drone and need to make it as legit as possible to add to my commercial real estate services. I’ve read that I need FAA registration but others have said I need a pilot’s license? This is kind of confusing for me. Full story

UAV & Drone Solutions wins Edison Award for anti-poaching project

UAV & Drone Solutions’ (UDS) Air Shepherd programme, founded by the Lindbergh Foundation and developed to protect elephants and rhinos from poaching by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), was presented with an Edison Award on 17 April at Capitale in … Full story

Police Constable speaks out after drone flies over distressed woman at Beachy Head

#NotCool.” Reacting, members of the public praised the constable but raised concerns over the use of the drone. One photographer responded on Twitter, “Unbelievable there is time and a place for drones and press photography and this is not it. Full story

Lockheed Martin unveils stealthy, offensive variants for their tanker drone

As the competition for the Navy’s MQ-25 tanker drone heats up between Boeing … as it can be assumed that the Navy will soon be seeking unmanned aircraft for their carriers that are capable of more than simply refueling F/A-18s and F-35s. Full story

Airlines back plan for drone registry and other steps to prevent collisions

Clients and the public rely on auditors to show probity and judgment and to raise red flags; these auditors clearly failed to do so The North Gauteng High Court has ordered him to personally foot the bill, but the new lawyers say he ‘intends to … join … Full story

This impossible long take was shot with a tiny drone in a Japanese high school

Shooting with a drone like this requires mad piloting skills, and for this video, there was also stabilization added in post. Another challenge with nano-drones is that the payload capacity is close to zero. So, there’s no way you can use a GoPro or any … Full story

Is the F-35 Now the Ultimate Drone Killer?

An F-35 used sensors, on-board computers and targeting systems to find, track and destroy two airborne drones at once. Is the F-35 Now the Ultimate Drone Killer? Previous test data and observers have confirmed the F-35 identified and targeted the drone … Full story