Officials probe first possible drone-related aircraft crash in the US

US authorities have started investigating what could be the first drone-related aircraft crash in the US, according to Bloomberg. Pilots have been reporting more and more drone sightings these past few years based on data from the FAA, but most of those … Full story

US charges three men with exporting drone parts to Hezbollah

The US considers Hezbollah – which has used drones since at least 2004 – a terrorist organisation. The indictment alleges that the conspiracy operated from 2009 until December 2013. It says the equipment included electronics that can be used in drone … Full story

British ISIS thug planning attacks on home soil is ‘killed in US drone strike in Syria on the orders of the RAF’

British jihadi Naveed Hussain was reportedly killed in a drone strike in Syria Hussain, 32, of Coventry, was hunted down by British troops before he was blown away by a US drone, the Daily Mail claims. British “assets” stalked Hussain, one of more than 20 … Full story

Amazon’s favorite foldable camera drone is only $90 today

and affordable little drones that kids love playing with. There’s indeed something for everyone, but the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone might be as close as it gets to a drone that’s perfect for everyone. This awesome foldable model has an HD … Full story

Fortem DroneHunter: Fully Autonomous Rogue Drone Catcher

Meet the Fortem DroneHunter: an innovative UAS developed to deal with rogue drones autonomously. This unmanned aircraft detects intrusion thanks to AI radar technology and catches unauthorized drones with a net. Once a UAV is captured, it can be safely … Full story

Helicopter crashes after manoeuvres to 'avoid… DJI Phantom drone'

The incident happened above a patch of undeveloped land and is nowhere near an airport where drones are prohibited. There was no information to suggest whether the local police had verified the presence of the drone, or identified its operator. Full story

Authorities are investigating what may be the first drone-linked aircraft crash

Drones are pretty interesting and versatile pieces of technology … To that end, Bloomberg reports government investigators are looking into what could be the first-ever drone-linked aircraft crash. According to the report, a helicopter crash-landed … Full story

Drone strike target ISIS hideout in East of Afghanistan

A drone strike targeted a hideout of the ISIS terrorist group in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, the defense authorities in the East said. The airstrike was carried out on Thursday by the US forces using unmanned aerial vehicles targeting the … Full story

3 men accused of trying to export drone parts to Hezbollah

The Shiite militant group has used drones at least since 2004. The indictment alleges the conspiracy operated from 2009 through December 2013. It says the equipment included electronics that can be used in drone guidance systems, one jet engine and 20 … Full story

Proposed drone facility in York County wins grant money

A proposed unmanned systems facility for testing … off Penniman Road into a place for businesses to test drones, possibly leading to an industrial park for those businesses and a park for drone hobbyists. The land is now unused and is an approved Federal … Full story