Social media, out-of-home, drone delivery: Behind Guzman Y Gomez's marketing strategy

Partnering with the team from Project Wing, a division of the X innovation lab run by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, the brand built a Drone Mothership … hot and fresh during its flight on the autonomous drones. Based on its success, Thom said … Full story

Facebook's Giant, Internet-Beaming Drone Is Dead

As a result of the move, Facebook will close a facility in the British town of Bridgwater, where the drone was being developed, and will reportedly lay off 16 people working on the project. “As we’ve worked on [building these drones], it’s been … Full story

Facebook quietly kills its Aquila autonomous internet drone program

Facebook envisaged hundreds of these electric-engines powered drones floating in the skies drawing energy … Youtube Video A team in Bridgwater, United Kingdom, led the design of an autonomous drone with a wingspan of 42 metres across with four solar … Full story

Lego and Volvo CE's futuristic autonomous loader has a tiny drone friend

Lego worked with children during the Zeux’s design process and found that the kids had little trouble getting their heads around the concept of an autonomous piece of machinery. Including the drone helped them make the connection between the absence of a … Full story

Facebook permanently grounds Internet-beaming drone Aquila

San Francisco: In a significant development, Facebook has abandoned its plan to develop high-flying solar-powered drones called Aquila that was … In 2017, the solar-powered drone successfully completed the second full-scale test flight. Full story

Drone race underway in Vietnam

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is bidding to sell three MALE Heron drones to Vietnam for $160 million … the price to be too high and it is also looking at the Dominator drone, built by Israel’s Aeronautics Defense Systems (ADS – IOL 798). Full story

10 Major Application Areas of Drone

Application area of a drone is very wide. Drone application in any workflow … Let’s have a look at 10 potential areas where drones have made in roads. Full story

Intel celebrates Pride with colorful drone light show

Intel celebrated Pride over the weekend with a drone light show that honored the LGBTQ community and its employees. According to the company, 300 of its ‘Shooting Star’ drones lit up the sky on June 23 in Folsom, California. The spectacle, which … Full story

Autonomous delivery drone startup Matternet raises $16 million round led by Boeing’s venture arm

Because autonomous delivery drones are undoubtedly coming … among others, Matternet for drone logistics operations for U.S. hospitals as part of its Unmanned Aircraft System pilot program. In 2015, Matternet started testing the first drone delivery … Full story

Hundreds of Drones Displayed at 2018 World Drone Congress and Shenzhen International UAV Expo

The world’s leading drone manufacturer is located in Shenzhen, China, so it’s only right that the 2018 World Drone Congress and the third annual Shenzhen International UAV … unmanned aerial vehicles or the components required for drones. Full story