Rand Paul filibusters Brennan nomination over drone policy

As Washington, D.C., sat frozen on Wednesday by a promised snowstorm that failed to show, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul ground Congress to a halt in a rare show of congressional protest made famous by Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” The Republican lawmaker on Wednesday made good on his promise to conduct an ...

Senators Drone On About Barbarella

Actress and activist Jane Fonda hasn’t tweeted in several days. Full story

After filibuster, attorney general clarifies drone policy

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday that President Barack Obama would not have the authority to order a drone to kill an American citizen on U.S. soil who was “not engaged in combat.” Full story

Drone reported over JFK Airport

A pilot with Alitalia called into air traffic control around 1:15 Monday afternoon while on final approach to Kennedy. Full story

Drone memo release wins Senate support for Obama nominee

President Obama’s decision Tuesday to show lawmakers secret legal documents justifying the use of drones to kill suspected terror leaders won new support for his top counterterrorism adviser to be become the next CIA director. Two Democrats and one Republican on the Senate intelligence committee said that thanks to Mr. … Full story

Sen. Paul brings needed drone debate to the fore: Opinion

When Sen. Paul Rand filibustered John Brennan’s nomination to be the new director of the CIA for 13 hours the Wednesday (and night), it was more than just great political theater. Full story

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