Growing debate over domestic drones

A boon to law enforcement or a threat to privacy? Those issues are being debated by federal and state governments over the use of domestic drones. Full story

Son of Brad Benson charged with nearly killing man

BRANCHBURG — The 21-year-old son of famed car salesman Brad Benson left a man with a fractured skull after intentionally running him over with his pickup truck outside a bar, police said. Full story

Company to sell anti-drone technology to public

KRISTEN BUTLER, Domestic Drone Countermeasures is planning to sell commercial anti-drone “boxes” to protect private citizens from robot-filled skies. Full story

Possible Cyberattack in South Korea

The police were investigating the possibility of a North Korean cyberattack on Wednesday as the South Korean government braced for more possible disruption. Full story

White House to move drone operations out of CIA, centralize at Pentagon

The Obama administration is preparing to transfer the CIA’s lethal drone program to the Defense Department, a senior White House official confirmed Wednesday for FoxNews. Full story

Rowell wants to be site for drone airspace testing

Roswell hopes to become one of six places nationwide that the federal government plans to pick as sites for testing how unmanned drone aircraft would fit into the nation’s airspace. Full story

Transparency and Accountability

After 10 years of disinterest from policymakers and pundits, and one year of carefully-managed official statements from the Obama administration, there is finally an active debate on the U.S. policy of non-battlefield targeted killings via drones. Full story

GOP Senator: Time to Change Military Force Law

Top Senate Republican calls for change to 2001 authorization for military force law Full story

Colorado prisons chief killed in his Monument home

Authorities appealed to the public for help in their investigation into the death of Tom Clements, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, who was shot and killed as he Full story

Ethics panel will investigate Rep. Andrews for allegedly using campaign funds for personal use

WASHINGTON — The House Ethics Committee said Tuesday it will formally investigate allegations that Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews of New Jersey improperly used campaign funds for personal use. Full story