Vodafone trials drone tracking and safety system using IoT, AI

Vodafone added that the new technology supports the objectives of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is currently developing new pan-European rules to regulate the operation of drones … 2 kilogram X-UAV drone. During the test, which … Full story

Drone reportedly involved in helicopter crash

See also: Breaking new ground in the ecology sector using drones However, the National Transportation Safety Board said it “had not yet been able to independently verify” the pilot’s report that a drone had caused the crash. Reports suggest that the … Full story

Watch a drone lose control and crash onto Apple Park’s solar roof

Drone flyovers have been offering us a look at the steady development … Now with thousands of Apple employees wandering about the campus, the company may not be so happy to have drones flying overhead, with this latest episode highlighting how things … Full story

Probe after 'drone made helicopter crash'

to end exemptions that currently prevent it from regulating consumer drones. “The likelihood that a drone will collide with an airline aircraft is increasing,” said a letter co-signed by the three organisations. Full story

IoT drone tracking trials

The telecoms firm uses 4G Internet of Things (IoT) to protect aircraft from accidents besides prevent inadvertent or criminal drone incursions at sensitive locations such as airports, prisons and hospitals. Commercial civilian drones are too small to be … Full story

Vodafone Group announces world first in trial of drone traffic control system

The company hoped to make drone tracking and safety technology available for commercial use in 2019. The system will not be used to track consumer drones but larger remote vehicles currently being developed for commercial uses. It will be able to track … Full story

Watch A Drone Crash Onto Apple Park Campus' 'No Drone Zone'

A recreational drone user crashed his unmanned aerial vehicle onto the Apple Park Campus … Fortunately for us, we get to watch the episode play out from the UAV’s point of view, thanks to drone videographer Matthew Roberts – whom the pilot contacted … Full story

Drone deliveries for small packages could help to slash greenhouse gas emissions in the US, experts say

Reducing the need for trucking by delivering some packages with electric drones could save fuel, and potentially carbon emissions. We modeled how much energy drone delivery would use, and how it would be different from the ways packages are delivered now. Full story

Japanese Underwater Drone Makes Subsea Inspections Cheaper and Easier

Like their aerial counterparts, underwater drones have a wide range … its name from the features it shares with unmanned aerial vehicles. For example, it maneuvers with four rotors and has a number of other drone parts, including an accelerometer for … Full story

Samsung patents a new drone that you can control with your eyes and gestures

released a set of draft guidelines in October 2017 regulating drone usage. It will be interesting to see how regulation keeps up with advances in technology that make it easier for people to fly and control drones and other unmanned aerial objects intuitively. Full story