DroneMax 360 Portable Drone Charger And Multi-Purpose Power Station

Energen based in Los Angeles, California has created a new portable solution for charging multiple electronic devices simultaneously including drone batteries, mobile devices, laptops and more. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the … Full story

DARPA awards first contracts in drone swarms project

Dozens of small off-the-shelf drones sit idle while program officials conduct system … The goal of the program is to develop small unmanned air and ground robots with the capability to operate in swarms of 250 or more. According to DARPA, these swarming … Full story

Fly A Drone In A National Park, Be Barred For Life From That Park

South African park officials might have a good idea to discourage illegal drone flights in parks: lifetime bans for their pilots. Kruger National Park in South Africa banned drones back in 2014 for “game viewing, filming, photography or any other purposes.” Full story

Drone Worries Prompt Vodafone to Develop UAV Tracking System

We’ve seen drones … crashed his UAV onto the Apple Park Campus and drone videographer Matthew Roberts went in to locate it. A spokesperson for the NTSB confirms probe of an accident in which a pilot reported maneuvering to avoid an unmanned aircraft. Full story

Share Interior Announces 2017 Drone Mission Report

The accomplishments of its unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drone program … This past fire season, DOI conducted 707 drone missions on 71 individual wildfires. Drones were used by firefighters to gain a tactical advantage on wildfires by allowing … Full story

I Bet We Can Identify This Car That's Being Used To Launch A Very Early Drone Aircraft

Most people don’t realize just how long unmanned aircraft have been around; basic autopilot technology is well over a century old, and radio-controlled drones pre-date WWII. This exciting picture shows a GM A-1 drone from 1946, being launched by a great … Full story

Samsung to Launch Flying Drone Display that’s Controlled by Your Eyes

Samsung filed a patent for drone display that could be controlled with face and eyes of person. It was first spotted by LetsGoDigital. The patent is for a drone with an integrated display that’s able to detect the face and pupils of a person as well as … Full story

Kratos Receives $81 M Unmanned Drone Systems Contract Award from US Government Agency

USD is an industry leader in the rapid design, development, and fielding of affordable high performance jet powered unmanned aerial drone systems for tactical, combat, and target applications. Work under this contract will be performed at secure Kratos … Full story

4G IoT network may ease aviation sector fears over drone safety

Since unregulated, commercially available drones are too small to be tracked by conventional … A preliminary trial in the autumn of 2017 saw a 2kg X-UAV drone with a 1.2m wingspan tracked along a 32km course in southern Spain, during which the drone … Full story

We've built a 4G drone tracking system, beams Vodafone

The mobile operator then tracks the drone through a method that it calls a Radio Positioning System (RPS, capital letters and all). This system allows drones to be tracked by … control a 1.3 metre wingspan, 2kg X-UAV drone. Throughout the preliminary … Full story