First transatlantic drone flight due to land in UK next month

The first transatlantic drone flight to land in the UK will touch down next month. The Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) will take off from its base in North Dakota, America, and embark on a 4,000-mile journey to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, scheduled to … Full story

Central West Qld set to take off as international drone mecca

THE Remote Area Planning and Development Board will kick off its plan to make the region a centre for drone testing as it hosts regional Australia’s first-ever drones symposium in Barcaldine, northwestern Queensland on 11-12 August. RAPAD’s Outback … Full story

Drone aircraft at RIAT 2018 will complete world-first flight

“Whilst this particular airframe is being flown to very stringent aviation guidelines, I wish to remind everyone that strict rules and regulations exist regarding the use of smaller remotely piloted airframes, commonly known as drones. “None are … Full story

Pakistani Taliban Name New Chief, Confirm Death of …

Pakistani Taliban Name New Chief, Confirm Death of ‘Maulana Radio’ in US Drone Strike Noor Wali Mehsud authored a book in Urdu titled “Inqalab-e-Mehsud … Full story

(Video) Stunning aerial drone update of new Spurs stadium shows exciting progress

Mr. AV’s drone has once again taken to the skies of Tottenham on Friday to provide a stunning aerial update of the construction of the new Spurs stadium. The weather couldn’t have been better for the footage to be taken and it shows that the roof work … Full story

Russian Cities Get Anti-drone Radar Shield

A radar shield to detect low-flying targets, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has been put into operation above all major Russian cities, a senior Russian military official has told TASS Sunday. “At present, we have a low-altitude radar field in … Full story

Salt Lake County SAR uses drone to locate hiker on Mount Superior

According to the post, the call-out time was 6:57 p.m., and everyone was off the mountain just before 10 p.m. Unified Police Department assisted Search and Rescue. SLCSO SAR thanked Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems “for setting us up with this amazing … Full story

Watch: Israel Defense Forces Fires Patriot Missile Toward Drone

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed firing a Patriot missile toward an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle approaching Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria on Sunday. “Air defense systems as well as detection systems identified the threat in advance…before it … Full story

IDF fires missile at Syrian drone

The Israel Defence Forces fired a Patriot missile at an unmanned drone that approached Israeli airspace from … defence system at least three times in order to shoot down incoming drones from Syria. Full story

Syrian Drone Evades Patriot Missile and Leaves Israeli Airspace Unscathed

The Syrian military chanced a major provocation with Israel on Sunday when it launched a drone into Israeli territory. The unmanned aircraft was able to evade a Patriot missile trying to shoot it down and escaped back into the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. Full story