Watch amazing drone footage capturing extent of Saddleworth Moor fire

Hellish view from a wild fire approx. between Crowden and Tintwistle As the fire enters its third day, amazing drone footage has captured the extent of the blaze. Five fire crews attended the scene initially, including four … Full story

SKYMAGIC's Large-Scale Drone Show Lights Up The United Kingdom's Northen Sky With European Debut

SINGAPORE- Media OutReach – 26 June 2018 -SKYMAGIC, a joint venture between a Singapore based swarm technology company and a UK based creative studio, has delivered the United Kingdom’s first large-scale drone performance at the opening ceremony of the … Full story

Drone used to search for missing person

Emergency services used a drone to search for a missing person last night. Police, Peel RNLI Lifeboat and Peel Coastguard joined forces to search for the person – who was described as vulnerable – at 9.30pm last night. Civil Defence were also in attendence. Full story

Gladius Advanced Underwater Drone

Instead of dragging an expensive camera rig and scuba gear around, capture the world beneath the waves with the Gladius Advanced Underwater Drone. Capable of diving to 330 feet, it has an integrated 4K camera and LED lighting for capturing video and 12 … Full story

Drone strikes target ISIS-K hideouts in Nangarhar leaving at least 6 dead

According to a statement released by the provincial government, the US forces unmanned aerial vehicles targeted key ISIS-K compounds in Gorgori and Chongi area of the district. In the meantime, the Afghan forces conducted an operation in Pira Khel area of … Full story

Shenzhen expo highlights booming drone industry in China

Hundreds of civilian drones were displayed at the 2018 World Drone Congress and the Third Shenzhen International UAV EXPO 2018 which started Friday in Shenzhen. The three-day event showed how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), especially those powered by … Full story

‘Drone forecasts limited to airborne use are wrong’

Garbett was speaking at the Drone World Congress in Shenzhen, China on 23 June. The Drone World Congress was organised jointly by the China UAV Industry Alliance … It is therefore clear, that the UAS or air drones, with which we’ve all become familiar … Full story

‘Drone forecasts are too low’

My company, and the British Standards Institution (BSI), define a drone as any vehicle, ship, aircraft, or hybrid system which is remotely or autonomously controlled.” “This includes autonomous … that the UAS or air drones, with which we’ve all … Full story

China launches 'spy bird' drone to boost government surveillance

The dove-like drones are being developed by researchers … China recently tested a fleet of drone ships, capable of forming a “shark swarm” against enemy vessels. Drills involving 56 unmanned ships took place in the South China Sea earlier this month … Full story

Israel fires missile at drone near Syria frontier

JERUSALEM (AP) – The Israeli military says it fired a Patriot missile at an unmanned aircraft that approached its airspace near the Syrian frontier in the Golan Heights. The army said Sunday that the missile did not hit the drone, and the aircraft … Full story