Homeland Security: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Border …

Homeland Security: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Border Surveillance Congressional Research Service Summary Congress has expressed a great deal of interest in using … Full story

Drones used to kill ISIS fighters in the field … – mirror

Iranian drones are reportedly being used to kill Islamic State fighters on the Syria-Iraq border. Footage from one of the drones shows several IS vehicles being blown … Full story

Rustom-2 drone to be delivered to armed forces by 2020: DRDO chief

THE Rustom-II Unmanned … (basic UAV system) is being perfected. Attempts are also being made to increase the altitude. By the end of this year, we will be ready with the bird, after which the focus will be on the machine systems on it.” The drone … Full story

Researchers Develop Insect-Size Drone. Three Indians Played A Crucial Role

Washington: A team of researchers including three Indians at a prestigious US university has built the world’s first wireless fly-sized drone that can easily slip into tight places inaccessible to big unmanned … Engineering’s Autonomous Insect Robotics … Full story

Top 10 Ways you'll CRASH your Drone

… crashes SUCK so I dug through drone forums online to read people’s crash stories. Good news: they’re all avoidable (if you listen to my tips for not crashing). Here are the top 10 ways people crash their drones: 1. Don’t do a Preflight Check. 2. Full story

Measure Protecting U.S. Drone Manufacturing Advances In Congress

Lovendale agreed that Chinese ownership of drone manufacturing potentially puts the U.S. at a disadvantage as sensitive data are collected and stored by drones and downloaded by overseas adversaries. The unmanned aerial equipment are often used to map … Full story

Niger drone video shows U.S. forces fighting for their lives

WASHINGTON — Dramatic new drone video of the Niger ambush that killed four American … Just 21 minutes later, two unarmed U.S. drones arrived overhead and established contact with the team, and after another seven minutes, two French Mirage aircraft … Full story

Deep Aero – Taking Drone Technology to the Next Level

Deep Aero has the innovative vision of building a blockchain and AI-powered drone economy with autonomous capabilities to transform … surrounding the drone technology space. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), essentially refer to … Full story

Take flight on a budget w/ this mini drone at only $18 Prime shipped

SUPER STABLE FLIGHT WITH ALTITUDE HOLD FUNCTION: The drone stays hovering at the desired height with this function; worry-free flight in the palm of your hand. Even beginners will have no problems at all and can immediately be good pilots! FOLDABLE AND … Full story

Sierra Nevada has a counter-drone system that works on the move

The counter-drone solution set … Pentagon struggles to defeat drones in cat-and-mouse game] Over the past year, Sierra Nevada, in partnership with Ascentvision and Israeli company RADA Technologies Inc., developed the C-UAS system for a customer within … Full story