Drone Delivery Canada completes first ever test flights in the USA

US: Drone Delivery Canada has reported that it has completed a … is one of seven FAA-designated UAS Test Sites that provides BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Site) Research and Development capabilities and long-distance testing corridors within the active … Full story

Pilots reveal drone near-misses are ‘putting lives at risk’

MORE than 160 near-misses between aircraft and drones have been reported over just two years … land on the flooded runway at East Midlands Airport in October 2016 when a drone passed just 30 metres from one of its wings. The workload in the cockpit … Full story

Is Boeing working on a second MQ-25 drone prototype?

Then, in 2016, the Navy killed UCLASS and began a new carrier drone program called Carrier-Based Aerial-Refueling System, or CBARS, which later became the MQ-25. Instead of an ISR and strike mission, the MQ-25 would act as an autonomous, unmanned tanker … Full story

Prisoners order ‘drugs by drone delivered direct to cell windows’

Mr Gauke said: “Spice, and other drugs, are ordered with a Deliveroostyle responsiveness on mobile phones from prison cells and delivered by drones direct to cell windows. “The paint used in supposed children’s drawings is sent to their parents in … Full story

LeveTop Folding Drone can stay on top of things for 20 minutes

People who don’t fly drones on a daily basis should first invest in a smaller, less expensive drone that is easy to fly. This way, they won’t smash a huge amount of money when their drone first hits the ground. The LeveTop Autonomous Folding Drone … Full story

Nominate the top leaders in the drone industry for the Women and Drones second annual award

Do you know of an incredible leader in the drone industry? The Women and Drones organization is now accepting submissions for their 2018 Women to Watch award. Whether she’s a leader in technology, business, government relations, advocacy, research … Full story

Drone Swarming and the Explosive Remnants of War

For example: The full paper, Autonomous Weapon Systems, Drone Swarming and the Explosive Remnants of War, can be downloaded on open access from SSRN. Full story

Fighting drone hackers a job of the future

Protecting driverless vehicles and drones from being hacked is set to be one of the … such as smart electrical grids, autonomous cars and drone fleets. “Cyber-physical security is becoming increasingly important as acts of geopolitical aggression are … Full story

Drone near misses hit new high in UK

Britain recorded a sharp increase in the number of near misses between drones and aircraft in 2017 in a sign of the growing popularity of the gadgets. Investigators recorded 92 incidents last year including a case when a drone flew close to the right wing … Full story

Drone Delivery Canada Completes First Ever Test Flights in the United States of America

Drone Delivery Canada is a drone technology company focused on the design, development and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones. The Company’s platform will be used as Software as a Service (SaaS) for government and … Full story