Drone Operations – Find Out Where The Market Is Going

gives a unique view of the drone industry as it is today and as it is anticipated to be the near term (1-2 years). It refines the high-level forecasts and analyses of the UAS sector that have been produced up to now, making it easier to understand the key … Full story

‘Pitching’ Drone Technologies A Big Part Of UAS Tech Forum

Kurt Rouser said he didn’t exactly know what to expect when he first walked on stage last August during the UAS Tech Forum to pitch his new technology in unmanned aerial systems … businesses involved in the UAS or drone industry. Our staff works … Full story

Holding Iran drone part, Netanyahu challenges: Do not test Israel's resolve

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a speech at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, brandished a piece of the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle that … that it sent a drone into our airspace to threaten our people,” Netanyahu said, pulling … Full story

UKMW prompts correction to Evening Standard article on Iranian drone incident

One such false claim, in the opening sentence, was that “Israel’s military shot down an Iranian plane“. Of course, it was a drone (UAV), not a “plane”. The second and third sentences are muddled, rendering it nearly impossible for readers to … Full story

Anti-Drone Autonomous UAV To Watch The Skies

DroneHunter is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV … drone world to be realized.” Equipped with Fortem TrueView radar, DroneHunter includes an autonomous guidance system and an open command and control platform to detect, identify and tow away hostile … Full story

Iran's Zarif slams Netanyahu's 'cartoonish circus' drone stunt

“How will he explain the fact that they are sending drones to Israel?” Netanyahu wondered. At this stage he took out a rectangular piece of dark green metal which he called “a piece of that Iranian drone, or what’s left of it, after we shot it down.” Full story

Amazon Delivery Drone could cut Greenhouse Gas emmisions

A delivery drone is an unmanned … and profitability of unmanned delivery drone services. A scientific study published this week in the journal Nature Communications shows that using small electrically-charged drones to deliver commercial packages … Full story

PM Netanyahu Addresses Munich Security Conference Holding Iranian Drone Part

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows a part of the Iranian drone as he speaks at the Munich Security Conference … 2018 and a displayed a piece of the wreckage of the Iranian UAV that was shot down by Israel on February 10th. Iranian Foreign Minister … Full story

MIT drone uses NanoMap tech for high speed navigation of cluttered environments

Existing approaches to drone navigation of this sort typically rely on intricate maps that aim to tell drones exactly where they are relative … be applied to self-driving cars and other forms of autonomous navigation. Full story

Drone weed mapping could help farmers target control measures

Dr Grove emphasised that the ownership cost of drones is not high but warned that farmers must be aware of the legalities of their use. “If there is a financial gain from using a drone, and if it is being used to improve grassland through weed control … Full story