Drone yells at truckie for dumping rubbish in the wood

Now we’re not sure if it’s a set up – although we do smell a rat under all that bin juice – but even if it is, it does demonstrate the green power a drone could have when used in the right hands. Park rangers equipped with high-quality drones could use … Full story

County coroner asks Oakland fire families to preserve DNA for comparison

Drone from @ACSOSheriffs office checking for hotspots at #oaklandfire. 9 confirmed fatalities, as many as 25 unaccounted for. pic.twitter.com/5cfKsHvpzC As Ars has reported before, the ACSO has six drones that it often uses in conjunction with neighboring … Full story

Drone video shows Game of Thrones production filming on icy set at Wolf Hall Quarry

and has even considered using live eagles to get rid of any rogue drones they might encounter. However, all of that doesn’t really seem to do much, considering how this video shows clear footage of the set from a drone that’s not too far away … Full story

Qualcomm drone gets ‘top gun’ treatment in fly rule workaround

Watching some drone testing from the roof of Qualcomm’s headquarters. One of the main hurdles to drones’ ability to zip around the country delivering packages is a requirement that they stay within their operator’s line of sight during daylight hours. Full story

Copycat terrorists could use drone to attack plane, intelligence report warns

OTTAWA – Publicity about near-misses between drones … small unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, could easily be used for advance surveillance of targets. The report tempers such fears by noting the practical hurdles in employing a drone for nefarious … Full story

Somalia: Drone Crashes in Somalia, Al-Shabaab Take Wreckage

The United States uses unmanned aircraft in its campaign against al-Shabaab and over the past years several senior officials of the group were killed in airstrikes. In 2013 a suspected US surveillance drone crashed near the town of Bulo Mareer in the Lower … Full story

Privacy concerns, perception factors in drone use

The rising use of unmanned aerial vehicles … a number of legitimate uses of drones, including crime-scene mapping and accident reconstruction such as that undertaken by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office with its drone. The ACLU also cites search … Full story

A drone under the Christmas tree? How to choose

USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham takes a look at two new consumer drones: the Yuneec Breeze and Hover Camera Passport. Video by Robert Hanashiro LOS ANGELES — So you want to buy a drone as a holiday gift. For the past few years, buyers were faced with a … Full story

Drone racing takes off at Birmingham show – but only with men

Racing unmanned flying vehicles … With even the cheapest Chinese drone costing £150, crashing can be an expensive mistake – not to mention a dangerous one. In November pilots reported four near misses in a month between drones and passenger aircraft … Full story

DroneGun Is A Tactical Drone Jammer That Takes Them Down Up To 2km Away

A plethora of drone models can be seen flying in the skies these days, who they belong to is anyone’s guess? Drones are being used for all types of reasons, mostly for taking pictures and videos, but the use of drones is far from regulated and some … Full story