Drone pilot smuggling meth over border gets nabbed by cops

People are finding all kinds of uses for drones these days. The problem is that some of them can land you in big trouble. Full story

Border agents track drone from sky to drugs on the ground …

A 25-year-old U.S. citizen has been charged with using a drone to smuggle more than 13 pounds (6.1 kilograms) of methamphetamine from Mexico by drone, an … Full story

Drone flies close to Southwest flight on its way to DIA

Flights were temporarily halted on all three runways at India’s Delhi airport for about half an hour on Sunday evening after a “drone-like object” was noticed … there is a rule in certain countries that drones should not be operated within 1 km of … Full story

Drones on farms: New technology helping to analyse issues and collect data

While something like a DJI Phantom 4 will cost around $2000, these more professional drones are getting into five figures. Australian company Falcon UAV custom makes a drone called the AgFalcon which has six rotors, a full near infrared set up with … Full story

Drone Robots Market worth $2.7 Billion by 2022

Smart commercial drones connect seamlessly and securely to the Internet and to each other. Smart commercial drone aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has reached a level of maturity that has put these systems at the forefront of aerospace manufacturing. Full story

20 police teams search for missing drone that shut down Delhi airport

Operating a drone, an unmanned aircraft, is prohibited in areas near the airport. Bhatia said they have informed the concerned authorities that nothing has been found yet. “Our teams are talking to locals and asking them if they also spotted such an … Full story

Drones can be cool, but often are not

Drones rigged with a micro cams are best used to get aerial video of your home or property. They can provide sensational footage on the water, such as looking down at the silhouette of a giant blue whale spouting at the surface. Problem is, some drone … Full story

Drone technology offers new ways to manage climate change

The flights are actually part of the broader “Collaboration Leading Operational Unmanned … drones, at different locations. The researchers halved the weight of the sensors and engineered them by placing only the downward-facing sensor on the drone … Full story

Drone races for pilots, by pilots take over Whisler's Bend

First-person-view, or FPV, drones have taken over Whistler’s Bend Park this weekend. The drone racing started Friday and will continue until later this evening. Derek Brown of Next Level RC is hosting the 2017 West Coast Throwdown, which drew people from … Full story

Delhi airport flight operations halted for nearly an hour over drone scare

Flight operations at Delhi airport were halted twice for around two hours on Sunday after pilots of two airlines spotted a drone-like object in the … not identify who were flying it. Flying of drones, an unmanned aircraft, is prohibited in areas across … Full story