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UAV Drone Policy & Latest News

World's first spherical drone display

NTT DOCOMO has developed a spherical drone display—an unmanned aerial vehicle that displays LED images on an omnidirectional spherical screen while in flight—which DOCOMO believes to be a world first. The device comprises a spherical external frame … Full story

Can DJI’s No-Fly Zone Software Stop ISIS from Weaponizing Drones?

Virtual fences could help drone manufacturers stop aircraft being used as home-brew killing machines—but terrorists may have other ideas. A recent trend amongst terrorists in the Middle East has been to equip off-the-shelf drones with rudimentary … Full story

Peli unveils drone protecting Storm Case

This virtually indestructible case gives the freedom to configure a drone with accessories, multiple 4K cameras or diagnostic circuit reader. It is watertight, dustproof, crushproof and ready for securely taking drones and accessories into challenging terrain. Full story

Cash offered after drones disrupt flights in China

These are external links and will open in a new window Chinese drone … unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flown near to the transport hub. However, DJI is now proposing a much bigger bounty. In a press release in Chinese, the firm said that flying drones … Full story

DJI quietly made large chunks of Iraq and Syria drone no-fly zones

Others in the drone world along with Finisterre have questioned whether geofencing will really stop Islamic extremists from using drones fitted with cameras as an inexpensive precision aerial strike weapon. A relatively new tactic is to strap a grenade or … Full story

Drone strike that killed Reyaad Khan 'not transparent'

British suspected ISIL fighter Reyaad Khan (left) was killed in a 2015 drone strike [ISIL video] British politicians … But the group was unable to do so because US-operated drones were used on both occasions. This curtailed the scope of the committee’s … Full story

This Sick Video Drone Is the Future of Inescapable Advertising

So if you were hoping one of these drones could follow you around letting you binge on Netflix all day, you won’t have the best experience. But as the technology improves, eventually this flying video drone could reach HD resolutions, and maybe even 4K. Full story

Why the UK launched its first targeted drone strike ever

On Aug. 21, 2015, the UK government launched its first targeted drone strike ever. The jihadist in the drone … Syria at the time. The UK had used unmanned aerial bombers in the past as part of larger military campaigns. But the 21-year-old Khan … Full story

DJI sends out invites for 24 May event likely for tiny new drone

The Mavic Pro was DJI’s smallest drone when it released. We imagine the Spark will be available at a cheaper price point for those unwilling to drop $1,000 on a Mavic Pro. Check out Pocket-lint’s Best Drones guide to see what else the Spark may go up … Full story

Drone Robots: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2017 to 2022

Smart drone commercial uses provide the prospect of trillions of dollars in economic growth. Smart commercial drones connect seamlessly and securely to the Internet and to each other. Smart commercial drone aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has reached a … Full story