GoPro Karma Unveiled… and the Wider World of Drones

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman wowed industry followers Monday with the debut of the highly-anticipated Karma drone. But consumer drones are just a small part of the story for this emerging technology. Full story

Gear Junkie: Action-camera company GoPro unveils drone – Sun, 25 Sep 2016 PST

Action-camera behemoth GoPro last week unveiled a drone. The company’s first quad-copter, called the Karma, will come to market next month for $799. Full story

Killer App

BLACKSBURG, Va. — “Every morning … I come out here, sit with her for an hour,” Tammy Weeks said while visiting her daughter’s grave. “It’s just been a nightmare … I still hope that she would come around the corner when she gets off the bus … or she’ll come out of her room,” Weeks ...

Third deadly drone strike in a week hits Yemen Qaeda

Aden (AFP) – An apparent US drone strike has killed five suspected Al-Qaeda members in Yemen in the third such attack this week, a security official said on Saturday. Full story

Washington real estate broker utilizes drone technology to market properties

WASHINGTON >> Technology changes daily, it seems, and one local real estate broker is taking advantage of that fact by using drones to market his properties for sale. Full story

Tech school students using drone in agriculture program

MITCHELL, S.D. (AP) – After weeks of sitting in the classroom, several Mitchell Technical Institute students were able to spend a few hours outside earlier this month- flying a drone. The drone, which was purchased for $49,995 by MTI in June, was being used by precision agriculture students to survey … Full story

‘From Paradise to Hell’: How an Aid Convoy in Syria Was Blown Apart

Interviews with aid workers, rescuers and residents, along with video and photographic evidence, point to a coordinated attack by Russian or Syrian aircraft, probably both. Full story

New parents, wish you had an extra set of hands? Just try the NoomiNoomi instead.

Meet the NoomiNoomi, branded as “the extra rocking hand for your baby” that launched this week on Indiegogo. It’s designed for multi-tasking parents who may or may not be tired of using their foot as a third hand. Full story

SF startup uses to legos to build drones to help teach about STEM

Drones are everywhere, especially as new rules have opened the floodgates of the drone world to science and industry. Full story

UPS test drives drone delivery with mock package

UPS announced it is starting to test emergency deliveries with help from CyPhy Works. The partnership is nothing new for UPS, as the shipping giant participated in a $22 million round CyPhy raised last year. Full story